Short bio

I am a computer engineer. At the moment I'm working for a company near Venice with the aim of developing a brand new software for controlling the so-called Flexible Manufacturing Systems. In order to do that I'm mainly coding in C# and PHP/Symfony2.

I also worked for the COMETA consortium as the general system administrator and IT consultant of the University of Catania (Italy).
My job for COMETA was to oversee the High Performance Scientific Computing, GRID systems and software.

If you want to read more information about my past experience and my skills please check my LinkedIn profile.

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Blog entries

On calculating a centroid of a polygon 03 February 2014

Finding the best way to compute a centroid of a closed 2D surface, given its vertices

Hands on algorithms with Python scripting 01 February 2014

Writing a toolset of useful scripts for the Linux shell

Contracting Python, Android, Java

At the moment I am interested in contracts that involve the use of Python, Android or Java (preferably EE).

Freelance IAAS, Python, Server-side

I offer freelance Python software engineering and cloud design services.

Availability What can I do for you?

My current availability is only for short term project and collaborations.